Hayley WilliamsOn May 2, me and Kristen had a pair of tickets to see Paramore at the Trump Taj Mahal arena in Atlantic City. As it turns out, Paramore was opening for Jimmy Eat World – which was a bit disappointing. Nothing against Jimmy Eat World, they’re a good band, I just don’t really like them – we were there to see Paramore. So we left after Jimmy Eat World had only played a handful of songs – mostly to beat the traffic on the way out.

Our seats kinda blew – we were only a few rows from the top of the stands, and as it turns out, the only real good tickets to get to a show at the Taj Mahal are general admission. Also, as it turns out, we sat in the wrong section – when we got there, we thought there were people in our seats, but apparently we were wrong ;)

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However, Paramore was awsome. Hayley had an amazing voice, as always – not to mention how ridiculously hot she is. All the instrumentalists were just as good live as you’d expect them to be. During Pressure, Josh (the guitarrist) did a flip over Jeremy (the bassist), just like in the music video (see this video from the concert, at around 2:34 – note that I didn’t take the footage, we had horrible seats and no camera).

The ride home was pretty weak. Between being exhausted because of the time, trying to save gas by keeping it under 80, and hitting road work four times, it took forever. But all in all, it was definitely a good time. The T-shirt I got is sweet, even if it is moderately gay. Kristen got a cool tank top as well.