So yeah, it’s been a while since I’ve made a post. Thirteen days, in fact, by the looks of things. As boring as my life may be, I’m not so boring that nothing happens to me in two weeks – I’ve just been ass busy. I’m on two tight deadlines for work, and everyone who gets summer break is on it…then on top of that, Mike’s in town until tomorrow and Matt’s in town until next Wednesday. So anyway, what’s happened the past few weeks?

Well, to start, Mike brought home this sweet card game called Munchkin – I’ll do a post all about it soon, but the best way I can describe it in a nutshell is “the most awesome card game ever”. Trust me, it’s sweet.

I’m working on two websites – for Kelli Jane, a small company who sells high-end linen products and whatnot; and Green Jobs Philly, a new nonprofit effort to help clean up Philadelphia as far as the environment is concerned. Kelli Jane isn’t a tight deadline per se, but they’d like to have it done quickly – and I’m looking to have Green Jobs Philly done before June 6…which, quite frankly, isn’t going to happen, although not for lack of trying.

But that’s enough about work. Work is boring to read about. Everybody’s in town right now except Robin, so we’ve been partying hard like any good little group of Anons. We’ve been playing a lot of Kristen and Julia with keyboard and shoes on their headsMunchkin, and doing a lot of drinking. We had a Memorial Day barbeque here on Monday (and a pre-Memorial Day barbeque on Sunday) – and before that, we almost got arrested Tuesday night. Go us. And the pool and jacuzzi over at Tristan’s apartment complex have opened up – so we’ve spent some time there. Finally met Anthony’s girlfriend Brianna – who is, in fact, really fucking hot. Nice going, Jerkula.

Oh, and one of these nights we got Kristen and Julia to put my ‘doze box’s keyboard on both their heads…with shoes (sandals, but whatever) on top of that. It was, quite possibly the hottest thing ever. If only they were killing zombies at the same time.

Which brings me to another point…I finally got tired of the whole situation with Kristen. If she wants to be miserable with Cody that’s her choice. And I’ve found that the easiest way to stop getting stuck in loops of just thinking about how great she is, is to focus on the things about her that I don’t like. Such as her incessant non-conformity.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to. Hope everyone else has been having a good time.