Well, here I realize it’s been a couple weeks since I’ve posted…again. RL has been busy. Been working on that Green Jobs Philly project; it’s not done yet though – I’ll make a whole post about it when it does go live, it’s a nonprofit with big plans and I want to see it go far. Been playing lots of Munchkin and WoW with friends in my free time. Kristen’s even off my shit list. Comcast is on it though, I’ll go into detail at the end of the post.

Let me start off the body of this by saying that, since Disturbed’s Indestructible came out on June 3, I still have yet to listen to any other music. Like, at all…when I gave my only hard copy to my dad, I listened to an older mix in the car on the way home, then promptly burned another Indestructible when I got here. There’s also been a little radio here and there, but I just can’t put these new 14 songs down. Oh yeah, 14 – it’s worth noting that they released Parasite on the Japanese import special edition. That only leaves one more B-side to finally complete my collection – Midlife Crisis.

As for Munchkin – it’s been fun, but I’m starting to get tired of it. Now that everybody knows painfully well how to play, it’s nothing but rules lawyering – and that’s the reason I stopped playing Magic: The Gathering, it stopped being a game and turned into a clusterfuck of technicalities. Well, that’s what’s happening with Munchkin, and it’s the same problem. If I wanted to deal with technicalities all day long, I would’ve gone to law school and become a lawyer.

On the WoW side, I’m almost 70. A little bit past halfway. Been questing in Shadowmoon, and a lot of that’s pretty tough at 69. Also, Arena Season 4 comes out in five days, and when it does I’m buying both my season two swords. I’ll totally have better weapons than Tristan and it’s going to be funny as shit~

I also finally managed to get ahold of Kristen yesterday (actually, the other way around, she got ahold of me). Turns out, she thought I was pissed off because she didn’t want a relationship with me…which, although it’s upsetting, I can’t be pissed off at someone because of the way they feel. No, I was infuriated because she’s been leading me on for the past year. And she didn’t think she had been…so we cleared the air, and I came to grips with just being “the best friend” (god story of my fucking life, fuck you friend zone) and helped her deal with the bullshit that fuckwit’s putting her through. Looks like her eyes are opening though, here’s hoping they don’t snap shut again. For her sake.

Comcast…where do I start? How about at the beginning. A couple weeks ago, they blocked my incoming E-mail (SMTP, port 25) because I was “receiving too much for residential service”. The first CS rep I spoke to was a fucking retard, I hung up on her while she had me on hold. The second, however, was intelligent and helpful, and told me that I was blocked most likely due to spyware sending out spam. Well, that’s impossible, you need to run Microshaft’s garbage to have spyware, which I don’t.

We finally narrowed it down to a block due to incoming volume, though. I managed to get my sending capability back by connecting to the relay server on an alternate port (587 I believe), but obviously I can’t tell every fucking E-mail server in the world to connect to me on a different port just because my ISP blows cock. So, they finally roped me into upgrading to business class to have the block permanently removed by pulling the “there’s nothing we can do manually” bullshit. It’s a good deal anyway, $12 more per month and they double my upstream, give me priority tech support, etc.

So, I had to argue with them for a while to get them to not send out a tech to install the shiny new modem, charging me $99.99 in the process, because I am a god damn tech. They do, however, need to deliver the new modem (why I can’t just pick it up from the nearest Comcast office, which is like 10 minutes away, remains a mystery to me). They were supposed to be here on Monday, but apparently they fail at knocking loud enough for me to hear, so they just left me a note saying “sorry, you weren’t here, blah blah, you’re beat”.

So apparently I was supposed to call them to set up a new time, and apparently I was supposed to read their collective minds to find this out. I called today to say WTF, and they set me up for tomorrow morning. Finally, almost three fucking weeks without E-mail, wonder how much business that’s cost me. Fucking worthless assholes. If you can get FIOS or even DSL, get that and not Comcast. They fucking fail.

Anyway, it’s a short one (aside from the Comcast rant), and I just haven’t had the time to write lately. Or see/listen to/whatever anything worth reviewing. I’m planning to see The Incredible Hulk soon though, and I’ll do a review of that. Yeah I know I didn’t deliver on the Munchkin review, and I wanted to review Iron Man and Indiana Jones, but I just didn’t get the chance. I’ll be sure to do this one though.

PS: Check out the WINE 1.0 and openSuSE 11.0 releases if that’s relevant to your interests.