WARNING: Spoilers ahead – read at your own risk.

Well, I finally went and saw it today. Damn good movie – seeing Edward Norton turn green and start flipping shit was definitely cool. Also, seeing Liv Tyler in a movie where she didn’t play a quasi-immortal elf was cool, although admittedly a bit weird. But anyway, onto the plot.

The Incredible HulkTo start out, remember the back story. The main character, Bruce Banner (Edward Norton), is in his…situation…because he was working in a science lab, researching practical applications for gamma radiation poisoning. Little does he know, however, that his superiors are working for the US military, trying to turn it into a weapon. Finally, he does an experiment on himself, which gets him his Hulk power.

Anyway, as the movie begins, Bruce Banner is living in Brazil, learning Portugese, doing basic work in a factory that bottles guarana soda, and taking martial arts to try to help control his anger. It is noted that it has been 157 (I believe, don’t quote me on the number) days since his last “incident”, which of course is him losing control and going green. However, there’s an accident at the factory that causes a drop of his blood to spill into one of the bottles. He thought he cleaned it up, but he was mistaken.

This bottle makes its way to an elderly gentleman somewhere in the US; upon drinking it, the man gets gamma radiation poisoning from the blood. The report reaches General Ross (William Hurt), who naturally knows exactly what happened, and promptly orders a report on where the soda was bottled. They move in, with the intention of quietly tranquilizing Bruce and hauling him away. That, of course, does not happen. A fight ensues, Bruce goes Hulk mode, and the only survivor on the army side is a special agent named Emil Blonsky (Tim Roth).

Blonsky gets the information about Bruce out of the General, and ends up getting him to agree to hook him up with a more refined version of the gamma experiment that was done on Bruce. Meanwhile, Bruce makes his way up to the States, seeking out a so-called “Mr. Blue”, a cellular biologist who has some theories on how to help Bruce (under the alias “Mr. Green”). Mr. Blue, however, needs more information in order to help Bruce – how much radiation he got, etc. Bruce does not have this, and cannot find it when he hacks into Betty Ross’s (Liv Tyler) computer back in the lab. However, once he and Betty meet up (something he was trying to avoid, ironically), she gives him a flash drive with the information on it.

At some point, a fight breaks out in some park in whatever city they’re in. Bruce was preparing to leave to go to Mr. Blue in NYC, by bus, but as he says goodbye to Betty, the army shows up. In the middle of the park. It didn’t really make sense. Anyway, Blonsky is basically a super soldier at this point – he’s much stronger than the others, runs faster, etc. By the end, though, all his bones are crushed by Bruce in Hulk mode – basically turned them to gravel, in the words of the doctor. Afterward, Bruce protects Betty from getting hit by a falling helicopter, and carries her away to a cave in the rain, where she helps calm him down.

So they’re on the run. The General knows about the whole Mr. Blue/Mr. Green thing, so he sets up SHIELD to scan for those two aliases in all E-mails sent throughout the country. Naturally, Bruce sends him the data he got from Betty, and SHIELD catches it. They find out who this “Mr. Blue” really is – and where to find him. So the race is on.

And it’s not a very interesting one. Bruce and Betty just…get there first, and Mr. Blue (Dr. Samuel Sterns, played by Tim Blake Nelson) helps them out. He rigs up a dialysis machine to administer Bruce the antidote directly through his kidneys, during a transformation that is induced by an electric shock to the temples. The transformation almost loses control, though, until Betty again calms the Hulk mode Bruce down – a trick only she seems to possess. Sterns is eager to note, though, that there’s no way of knowing if the cure is temporary, permanent, partial, complete, or even successful at all.

However, once Blonsky recovers (remarkably fast – remarkable period in fact), they give him some more juice. He was already a super soldier, and now they’ve made him more powerful. What a great idea. Anyway, the General’s men storm the building, including Blonsky, who disobeys a direct order to stand down and let them get Bruce without a fight. After they cuff Bruce and begin to take Betty (who disowns her father, the General) away in a helicopter, Blonsky forces Sterns to give him some of Bruce’s blood – not that Sterns can resist the desire to see what happens anyway.

And now the big fight ensues. Good Hulk versus evil hulk. Blonsky comes out of the gate speaking English in Hulk form – something Bruce cannot do – but he’s still clearly turned insane by the rage and pure power. He starts blowing shit up (literally) on the streets of New York City, and the General’s chopper has to turn around to deal with it. Bruce volunteers to take care of it, insisting that it has to be him, despite the fact that he was cured. Bruce, however, is not convinced that he is cured, and jumps out of the helicopter after a romantic moment with Betty.

He falls for a few seconds before trying to transform, then goes “oh, shit” and falls to the ground, leaving a pretty respectable crater. Betty starts to cry, until the big green Hulk fist punches out of the ground. Alright, so now the big fight ensues. Blonsky has the upper hand, returning Bruce’s blows without too much trouble. Bruce gets some good shots in, but is ultimately weaker – maybe it’s because he had the cure administered, maybe it’s because Blonsky had the refined serum in addition to the Hulk juice, who knows?

However, once Betty is in danger, Bruce learns some new tricks. The General’s helicopter goes down on top of a building, and after some more traded blows, Blonsky gets Bruce up against a wall by the throat, digging his sharp, protruding elbow bone into Bruce’s chest, when Bruce snaps the bone off and stabs Blonsky in the head with it. Then, the fuel spill naturally catches and goes up in flames. Bruce does the classic Hulk clap trick, with the sonic shock creating enough wind to douse the fire.

Blonsky finds a pair of concrete blocks on the ends of a heavy chain (what this could possibly be on top of a building for I have no idea) and starts using it as one hell of a weapon against Bruce. Bruce, however, devises his Hulk smash trick (and says it, yay Hulk English~) on the spot and promptly uses it. The chains fly up in the air and Bruce gets them, ultimately getting them around Blonsky’s neck, choking him nearly to death before Betty screams for him to stop. Bruce proceeds to kick the unconscious Blonsky to the General’s feet.

Afterward, in the near future – presumably only a few days or a week or something, Bruce is down in British Colombia, doing his solitude and meditation thing. At the end, however, his eyes are green as though he’s just started a transformation, probably controlled.

And, in the final scene, the General is sitting in a bar pounding down shots of some drink, when Tony Stark of Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) walks in and mentions something that, just like in the post-credit scene in Iron Man, suggests something about some sort of an elite team of fighters. At the end of Iron Man, this was done by Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson, yeah I know, awesome) coming to Stark’s home and mentioning the “Avenger Initiative”. And that’s all we know for now.