Well, I finally hit level 70 in WoW a week or so ago. The Midsummer Festival is what leveled me – I was about halfway to 70 and I was just tired of Shadowmoon. But, as it turns out, each friendly fire that you worship is worth about 6200XP at 69, and each enemy fire that you desecrate is worth twice that.

So I did a bunch of those, until I was about 2800XP from 70. That’s when I realized I was ~800 honor and one Eye of the Storm Mark of Honor away from getting my Season 2 swords. So I decided to do a few EotS BGs, got my honor and some marks, bought my swords, then went and leveled.

As of right now I’m still working on my leftover non-daily quests, and doing some dailies peppered throughout. I just now started doing the Isle of Quel’Danas stuff, which is pretty fun. It seems, however, as though there’s just less of a goal now that I am 70. Getting my swords before leveling was cool, and obviously (being a Rogue) I’m going to be a PvP character, so I’ve been doing a decent amount of BGs. Next on my list is the Medallion of the Horde.