Well, it finally happened – on Friday (August 1, 2008), the FCC ruled 3-2 that Comcast was overstepping its bounds as a network service provider by blocking BitTorrent traffic. They weren’t fined, but this ruling could be the first of a long series of steps toward proper net neutrality.

For those of you who don’t know, net neutrality is the name that (basically) the collective Internet community has given themselves in the battle against broadband ISPs. ISPs feel that they should be able to charge other service providers (most notably, website owners and/or web hosts) what basically amounts to an extortion fee in order to provide their service either at all, or at full quality.

One option that the ISP coalition tried to pass off as “fair” was that services who didn’t pay the fee would simply get dial-up level bandwidth. Yeah, real fair. They already make entirely too much money from their subscribers; they can’t be charging service providers as well and getting it from both ends.

And another thing, they don’t seem to realize that having the Internet be a freely usable trade medium is good for the world as a whole. When people spend money, it helps the economy. Not to mention everybody involved is happy; the purchaser has something he didn’t have before, and the seller has money that he didn’t have before. There’s no reason for the megacorporations to cash in on every fucking thing that happens in the country.

Anyway, here’s the link: SaveTheInternet.com. It has all sorts of resources, ranging from simple information up to a link to E-mail your senator. Check it out if you weren’t already aware; this effects you.