Sea Foam - a deep clean for your engine

Sea Foam - a deep clean for your engine

Yep…I’m back again ;) this time I’m here to post a series of videos me and Chris took when we Sea Foamed the Acura. When we did it to the Nissan, it was both a really cool process and it yielded impressive results (as far as power/economy are concerned), so we decided to take videos of it this time – both to document it and to help instruct people who desire to try it themselves.

Keep in mind that we don’t pussyfoot around. The Sea Foam manufacturers recommend only doing it in the crankcase (to treat your oil) and fuel tank (to treat fuel system and upper cylinders) for the average consumer. However, we do it the way the mechanics do it for a tune-up – both of the above, plus direct induction to the cylinders for a nice, deep clean. This is a bit more complicated – not to mention fun ;) – so if you’re not good with cars or, at least, technology in general, I don’t recommend this. However, if you are, and you’re simply looking for help on how to do it, view on.

Note that I accept in no way whatsoever any responsibility for damages that result by the viewing of this series of videos.

Seafoaming a 2002 Acura RSX Type-S (part 1) – hosted by MetaCafe
This video shows where to find the correct vacuum line – the brake booster line – that feeds all four cylinders. It’s important to make sure you get one that feeds all four, because otherwise, you’d end up only cleaning some of your upper cylinders.

Seafoaming a 2002 Acura RSX Type-S (Part 2) – hosted by MetaCafe
This video illustrates approximately the correct amount of Sea Foam to use for an engine that runs 4-5 quarts of oil per change. Note that the total oil capacity of the K20A2 engine is 6.1qt (5.8L) – but that’s only for a complete overhaul. The amount to do per change is 5.0qt (4.7L) for a change with filter, or 4.8qt (4.5L) without filter.

Seafoaming a 2002 Acura RSX Type-S (Part 3) – hosted by MetaCafe
This is the fun part. The Sea Foam has been induced into the engine via the brake booster line, and allowed to sit for fifteen minutes or so. It got dark pretty quickly at this time of year ;)

In this one, I start it up, and rev it up and down for a while until the Sea Foam has been burned out of the system. All the white smoke is completely normal; in fact, we thought it was pretty cool the first time we’d done it, to the Nissan, which is what inspired us to record this one.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the whole thing – and I hope it helps if you’re planning on Sea Foaming your own car, especially if it’s an RSX. Also, if you really enjoyed them, click the links below each video and rate them high ;)