So for probably a week and a half or so now, my low beams in my car haven’t been working. Neither one of them – so I figured it had to be a wiring issue. However, literally everything I was finding on the Internet said it was the bulbs – even cases where they were as new as two weeks (mine were a month and a half or so), or (like mine) both went out at the same time. So, I figured I’d try them next time the weather was warm.

Well, it was pretty nice out today, so I decided today was the day. I went outside, popped open the hood locks, pulled the socket off the passenger side low beam, connected the negative battery terminal, turned them on, and stuck the volt meter in the socket. Lo and behold, it’s definitely got juice. So I pull the whole bulb-and-socket assembly out (a pain in the ass with the stupid X clip setup they have going on…even worse putting it back in), pop in a new bulb, and connect it before putting it back in the lamp housing – turn it on, and it works. Son of a bitch, that’s two bulbs at $20 each (Sylvania Silverstars – 4100k) that lasted maybe a month and a half.

So, I’m going to end up switching to HIDs as soon as I get a check in. I’ll be buying them from Retro Solutions, LLC – recommended by the vast majority of Club RSX members. Obviously, low beams will be first – I’m thinking 5000k for those, then when I do the high beams, 4300k. Eventually I’ll also do the fog lights with 3000k bulbs.

Anyway, I’m posting this here in the hope that if anyone else buys and RSX and has the same headlight issue, they’ll find this and know that the real issue is, the RSX goes through halogen low beams like underwear. Even if they’re very new bulbs, even if they both went out at the same time – at least try switching the bulbs.