Yesterday, me and The Crew (TM) went up to Centralia again. For those who don’t know, Centralia, PA is the town that the original Silent Hill was based on. Back in the early 60s, one of the coal mines below the town caught fire – the exact cause and date are unknown, but naturally there are a few theories. They made numerous attempts to put out the fire during the 60s and 70s, but nothing was successful, because once coal catches it’s really easy for it to keep burning…and, conversely, pretty difficult to stop it.

In any case, in 1984, the town was evacuated; and, in 1992, the state of Pennsylvania took over all the property in the borough through eminent domain. Then in 2002, the town’s ZIP code, 17927, was revoked. A handful of people still live there – 11 according to the 2008 census – but the government owns their land, and I guess just hasn’t forced them to leave.

Naturally, this place is now a bit of a mecca for tourists looking for cool places to visit. There’s an abandoned stretch of highway, closed because there’s coal burning below it and the road surface is all warped; a few real cool graveyards; a couple abandoned buildings; etc. There’s graffiti all over the abandoned highway and buildings; between the six of us, we got tons of pictures. Here are links to theirs:

And here are mine – sorry for the poor quality, they were taken from my phone: