Unfortunately, it looks like my first real post after returning from the grave is a bad review for an automotive parts/service shop.  I was hoping for it to be a DIY guide on doing a starter in a 2002-2004 Acura RSX Type-S, but this one comes first.  The DIY guide will be coming later.

On Saturday, I purchased a new starter for my car from Pep Boys (the one in College Square in Newark, DE).  Now, the starter in this car is a huge ordeal to replace – it requires pulling the intake manifold, but there’s a separate post coming with that DIY guide.  The starter was $200.  They wanted $240 for labor to replace it, but after horrifying experiences there in the past (I’ll get to that in a minute), I opted to do it myself.

It took me three days, including a work day, to replace it.  After getting the car put back together, the starter didn’t work – it just clicked, like the old one did.

So I tried replacing the relay, hoping that would be it – no go, it must be the starter.  Pep Boys will not work with me on the labor to pull it, “test” it, and replace it – they want me to pay the full labor rate; the bad part claim only extends to the cost of the part.  I can’t sit here and lose another three work days to this thing.

The company that was going to tow the car to Pep Boys, which American Express hooked me up with (AmEx Gold gets me four free tows, up to $50 each, per year), is coming to the rescue.  They are a full-service shop and are willing to give me a significantly reduced labor rate ($100) for pulling it, replacing it, and putting it back together.

Now, on to my horrifying past experience with Pep Boys technicians.  Ashley had two tires go bad due to road hazards and took it to Pep Boys for a couple new ones.  While it was in there, she had them do an oil change.  They failed to replace the drain plug gasket (it’s copper, if it were plastic like mine it wouldn’t matter) and, as a result, the thing leaked like a sieve.  She was down to about a quart of oil before we caught it, and the Subaru stealership charged $315 for Pep Boys’ mistake.  Again, same Pep Boys in College Square in Newark, DE.  If they can’t pull off an oil change, I don’t want their hands anywhere near my car, let alone pulling the intake manifold off.

tl;dr:  Don’t use Pep Boys.  For anything.  Ever.