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This week, Zero Punctuation shares some thoughts on games hyped at E3 2009.

1991 Nissan Sentra - my old car

1991 Nissan Sentra - my old car

Hey look, I am still alive ;) been a while since I’ve made a post here.  Been real busy, between work, play, and buying a car.

That’s the first thing I’m here to post – I bought a car ;) got rid of the old Nissan (to the right) and bought an 02 Acura RSX Type-S (down a bit and to the left). Thing fucking rips. I wanted a Z28/Trans Am, but I fell in love with this thing when I got in the driver’s seat. It’s only a 4cylinder, but with Honda’s i-VTEC technology, the motor’s rated at 198horsepower/142lbft. And then there’s the gearing – 4.77 final drive ratio, it’s geared like a hotrod. The top end F-bodies I was looking at only had 3.73 gearing. Ironically enough the EPA rates both vehicles for the same highway fuel economy – 28mpg with 91 octane fuel. One of these days I’m going to see how well it runs with 93, since 91 is so ridiculously hard to find.

2002 Acura RSX - my new car~

2002 Acura RSX - my new car~

Thing fucking flies too. With its redline at 8000, and the VTEC kicking in around 5800, even with the real low gearing it maxes out at a normal speed in each gear. In 4th I can exceed 100, and I’ve still got two gears to go after that. I’m considering having the transmission modified come springtime, see if I can’t have the ratio lowered on 6th a bit. As it stands I’m revving ~3700 at 80mph, if I get that down to 3300 or so I’ll see a pretty sizable improvement in fuel economy, which is important for me. Besides, I can always just use 5th when I want to accelerate moar.

That aside, there isn’t much to tell – that’s why I haven’t posted much. I got smashed and went trick or treating on Halloween, dressed as a pirate. Thanksgiving has been and gone without anything that eventful that I’m at liberty to discuss.

I have found that I really hate fixing laptops though. My buddy Chris has been subbing out work to me, and aside from all the driving (which I really don’t mind), the job mostly entails fixing laptops and printers. Printers I don’t mind so much – I hate printers in and of themselves, but fixing them really isn’t bad. Laptops are a pain in the dick though. Especially motherboard replacements. Looking at at least an hour for these, compared to 15-25 minutes for most printer repairs.

Spore got a bit boring. The space phase was fun for a while, but I just lost interest in it after a while. Which is rather depressing, because as far as galactic conquest games though it was actually a lot of fun – which says a lot for galactic conquest games. I thought I’d love it, unfortunately it seems I was mistaken.

As a result I’ve mostly been playing a lot of WoW, especially since Wrath of the Lich King came out. At this point I’m about halfway to 76 – I went strong for the first week or so but I just haven’t been playing much since around Thanksgiving. After everything that went on that weekend, I just haven’t been that interested in playing WoW. As a result I’ve been very bored.

I got Rock Band, which is a lot of fun when there are people around – the problem is people aren’t generally around that much during the week. Which is where the problem lies anyway.

Wow, this really seems to have turned into a depressed-sounding rant…not really sure how that happened. Anyway, I’ll cut it short – I saw Role Models with Anthony and Brianna on Sunday, which was very funny. I’m not going to review it, but I advise seeing it, it was very funny ;)

Full Rock Band 2 Track List Revealed!

Posted by Floppie on 2008-07-15
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Rock Band 2 banner
Xbox Focus – The Full Rock Band 2 Track List Revealed!

I’ll spare you all the bullshit and just post the track list. Anything else you want to read about you can check the link above. I emboldened the tracks that are relevant to my interests.

  • AC/DC “Let There Be Rock” 1970s
  • AFI “Girl’s Gone Grey” 2000’s
  • Alanis Morissette “You Oughta Know” 1990’s
  • Alice in Chains “Man in the Box” 1990’s
  • Allman Brothers “Ramblin’ Man” 1970’s
  • Avenged Sevenfold “Almost Easy” 2000’s
  • Bad Company “Shooting Star” 1970’s
  • Beastie Boys “So Whatcha Want” 1990’s
  • Beck “E-Pro” 2000’s
  • Bikini Kill “Rebel Girl” 1990’s
  • Billy Idol “White Wedding Pt. I” 1980’s
  • Blondie “One Way or Another” 1970’s
  • Bob Dylan “Tangled Up in Blue” 1970’s
  • Bon Jovi “Livin’ on a Prayer” 1980’s
  • Cheap Trick “Hello There” 1970’s
  • Devo “Uncontrollable Urge” 1980’s
  • Dinosaur Jr. “Feel the Pain” 1990’s
  • Disturbed “Down with the Sickness” 2000’s
  • Dream Theater “Panic Attack” 2000’s
  • Duran Duran “Hungry Like the Wolf” 1980’s
  • Elvis Costello “Pump It Up” 1970’s
  • Fleetwood Mac “Go Your Own Way” 1970’s
  • Foo Fighters “Everlong” 1990’s
  • Guns N’ Roses “Shackler’s Revenge” 2000’s
  • Interpol “PDA” 2000’s
  • Jane’s Addiction “Mountain Song” 1980’s
  • Jethro Tull “Aqualung” 1970’s
  • Jimmy Eat World “The Middle” 2000’s
  • Joan Jett “Bad Reputation” 1980’s
  • Journey “Anyway You Want It” 1970’s
  • Judas Priest “Painkiller” 1990’s
  • Kansas “Carry On Wayward Son” 1970’s
  • L7 “Pretend We’re Dead” 1990’s
  • Lacuna Coil “Our Truth” 2000’s
  • Linkin Park “One Step Closer” 2000’s
  • Lit “My Own Worst Enemy” 1990’s
  • Lush “De-Luxe” 1990’s
  • Mastodon “Colony of Birchmen” 2000’s
  • Megadeth “Peace Sells” 1980’s
  • Metallica “Battery” 1980’s
  • Mighty Mighty Bosstones “Where’d You Go” 1990’s
  • Modest Mouse “Float On” 2000’s
  • Motorhead “Ace of Spades” 1980’s
  • Nirvana “Drain You” 1990’s
  • Norman Greenbaum “Spirit in the Sky” 1960’s
  • Panic at the Disco “Nine in the Afternoon” 2000’s
  • Paramore “That’s What You Get” 2000’s
  • Pearl Jam “Alive” 1990’s
  • Presidents of the USA “Lump” 1990’s
  • Rage Against the Machine “Testify” 1990’s
  • Ratt “Round & Round” 1980’s
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers “Give it Away” 1990’s
  • Rise Against “Give it All” 2000’s
  • Rush “The Trees” 1970’s
  • Silversun Pickups “Lazy Eye” 2000’s
  • Smashing Pumpkins “Today” 1990’s
  • Social Distortion “I Was Wrong” 1990’s
  • Sonic Youth “Teenage Riot” 1980’s
  • Soundgarden “Spoonman” 1990’s
  • Squeeze “Cool for Cats” 1970’s
  • Steely Dan “Bodhitsattva” 1970’s
  • Steve Miller Band “Rock’n Me” 1970’s
  • Survivor “Eye of the Tiger” 1980’s
  • System of a Down “Chop Suey” 2000’s
  • Talking Heads “Psycho Killer” 1970’s
  • Tenacious D “Master Exploder” 2000’s
  • Testament “Souls of Black” 1990’s
  • The Donnas “New Kid in School” 2000’s
  • The Go-Go’s “We Got the Beat” 1980’s
  • The Grateful Dead “Alabama Getaway” 1980’s
  • The Guess Who “American Woman” 1970’s
  • The Muffs “Kids in America” 1990’s
  • The Offspring “Come Out & Play (Keep ‘em Separated)” 1990’s
  • The Replacements “Alex Chilton” 1980’s
  • The Who “Pinball Wizard” 1960’s

And the bonus songs:

  • Abnormality “Visions” 2000’s
  • Anarchy Club “Get Clean” 2000’s
  • Bang Camaro “Night Lies” 2000’s
  • Breaking Wheel “Shoulder to the Plow” 2000’s
  • The Libyans “Neighborhood” 2000’s
  • The Main Drag “A Jagged Gorgeous Winter” 2000’s
  • Speck “Conventional Lover” 2000’s
  • The Sterns “Supreme Girl” 2000’s
  • That Handsome Devil “Rob the Prez-O-Dent” 2000’s

Yes, that’s 84 tracks at release, plus another 20 DLC at release – totally sweet. It’s cool to hear that Paramore got their latest single on it, and a lot of the other tracks are really sweet – Down with the Sickness, Battery, Alive. I’m a bit disappointed that Seether didn’t get a song in – maybe they’ll get some in DLC though, that’d be nice, I’ve been covering a lot of his music lately.