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Should I Wear Pants? Version 1.5.0

Posted by Floppie on 2012-12-20
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Should I Wear Pants?I pushed an update tonight to Should I Wear Pants?, it was a fairly significant set of changes, and increments the version to 1.5.0.  Changes are as follows:

  • Added the capability for users to specify their location. To do this:
    • Open the preferences screen
    • Under “ABOUT YOU”, uncheck “Use Current Location”
    • The “Location” option will be made available – open this to set your location.
    • Refer to the Help topic called “Specifying Your Location” for more information on supported formats, etc.
  • Added Christmas outfits; these will run from the 23rd to the 27th if you’re in Calendar Fun mode.
  • Fixed a number of small issues with location and weather detection.
    • This was made possible by some new automated testing; we now have approximately 275 cities around the world verified as working and accurate, while ensuring no regressions occurred for the common case when fixing the edge cases.
    • Note that this doesn’t cover the entire world; thus far, we have the Americas, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand covered. We are working to add coverage to the rest of the world.

If you haven’t, do me a favor and check out the app.  If you’re feeling especially nice, I’d certainly appreciate a 5-star rating on the Play Store.

Back From the Grave

Posted by Floppie on 2012-12-12
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To anybody out there who enjoys reading about my life (there are apparently at least several of you, based on traffic statistics), I finally decided to resurrect this thing and start posting again.

The tl;dr of the past few years has been as follows, in roughly this order:

  • Quit EQ
  • Picked up WoW, put it down, picked it up again (rinse, repeat)
  • Cut off my long hair
  • Joined the ranks of smartphone users (Droid 1)
  • Wrecked the Blackura
  • Bought a white RSX with a blown motor, pulled the motor from the Blackura, and put it in what is now the Blankura
  • Got a full-time software development job
  • Entered a relationship
  • Rooted phone; switched to CyanogenMod
  • Exited that relationship
  • Moved to Delaware
  • Went on a bender for a while
  • Went to BlizzCon 2011
    • Saw a taping of Craig Ferguson while in the LA area
  • Got promoted to management
  • Entered a relationship
  • Upgraded to the Droid 4
  • Bought a house
  • Moved to management at work
  • Launched my first Android app, (begin shameless advertising) Should I Wear Pants?
  • Fixed this blog

And that’s roughly it.  There may be some detailed posts about some of these points; if so, I’ll update this post with appropriate links.