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1991 Nissan Sentra - my old car

1991 Nissan Sentra - my old car

Hey look, I am still alive ;) been a while since I’ve made a post here.  Been real busy, between work, play, and buying a car.

That’s the first thing I’m here to post – I bought a car ;) got rid of the old Nissan (to the right) and bought an 02 Acura RSX Type-S (down a bit and to the left). Thing fucking rips. I wanted a Z28/Trans Am, but I fell in love with this thing when I got in the driver’s seat. It’s only a 4cylinder, but with Honda’s i-VTEC technology, the motor’s rated at 198horsepower/142lbft. And then there’s the gearing – 4.77 final drive ratio, it’s geared like a hotrod. The top end F-bodies I was looking at only had 3.73 gearing. Ironically enough the EPA rates both vehicles for the same highway fuel economy – 28mpg with 91 octane fuel. One of these days I’m going to see how well it runs with 93, since 91 is so ridiculously hard to find.

2002 Acura RSX - my new car~

2002 Acura RSX - my new car~

Thing fucking flies too. With its redline at 8000, and the VTEC kicking in around 5800, even with the real low gearing it maxes out at a normal speed in each gear. In 4th I can exceed 100, and I’ve still got two gears to go after that. I’m considering having the transmission modified come springtime, see if I can’t have the ratio lowered on 6th a bit. As it stands I’m revving ~3700 at 80mph, if I get that down to 3300 or so I’ll see a pretty sizable improvement in fuel economy, which is important for me. Besides, I can always just use 5th when I want to accelerate moar.

That aside, there isn’t much to tell – that’s why I haven’t posted much. I got smashed and went trick or treating on Halloween, dressed as a pirate. Thanksgiving has been and gone without anything that eventful that I’m at liberty to discuss.

I have found that I really hate fixing laptops though. My buddy Chris has been subbing out work to me, and aside from all the driving (which I really don’t mind), the job mostly entails fixing laptops and printers. Printers I don’t mind so much – I hate printers in and of themselves, but fixing them really isn’t bad. Laptops are a pain in the dick though. Especially motherboard replacements. Looking at at least an hour for these, compared to 15-25 minutes for most printer repairs.

Spore got a bit boring. The space phase was fun for a while, but I just lost interest in it after a while. Which is rather depressing, because as far as galactic conquest games though it was actually a lot of fun – which says a lot for galactic conquest games. I thought I’d love it, unfortunately it seems I was mistaken.

As a result I’ve mostly been playing a lot of WoW, especially since Wrath of the Lich King came out. At this point I’m about halfway to 76 – I went strong for the first week or so but I just haven’t been playing much since around Thanksgiving. After everything that went on that weekend, I just haven’t been that interested in playing WoW. As a result I’ve been very bored.

I got Rock Band, which is a lot of fun when there are people around – the problem is people aren’t generally around that much during the week. Which is where the problem lies anyway.

Wow, this really seems to have turned into a depressed-sounding rant…not really sure how that happened. Anyway, I’ll cut it short – I saw Role Models with Anthony and Brianna on Sunday, which was very funny. I’m not going to review it, but I advise seeing it, it was very funny ;)

WoW Macros

Posted by Floppie on 2008-08-08
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So, after being level 70 for a couple months, I finally decided to make some macros. I don’t know how I went without these previously. I’ve only made some Rogue-specific ones thus far, but I wanted to post them for all to see. Also, I’m not going to explain how they all work – see Making a macro for very detailed instructions and documentation.

First, my sweet Sinister Strike macro. Many Rogues will agree – being in a large clusterfuck combat (such as a huge AoE situation), just spamming a single special attack key (Hemo, SS, or Shiv – pick your poison…no pun intended ;) ) is much easier than worrying about trying to toggle autoattack on and off – but if you don’t have enough energy, the special attack won’t engage autoattack. This remedies that – it uses the /startattack command to make sure it’s turned on no matter what. Oh yeah, and it also automatically uses all the bomb items for the bombing dailies. This way I don’t have to manually hotkey them every time:#showtooltip Sinister Strike
/cast Sinister Strike
/use Flaming Oil
/use Arcane Charges
/use Skyguard Blasting Charges

Similarly, I made a macro for Shiv that always makes sure it turns on autoattack:#showtooltip Shiv
/cast Shiv

Sap/pickpocket at the same time is pretty cool, although it’s not really that great…because you don’t necessarily always want to sap the thing that you’re pickpocketing:#showtooltip Sap
/cast Sap
/cast Pick Pocket

This Vanish/Stealth macro is really nice – it saves me from having to have separate keys, and always show/does exactly what I would want it to:#showtooltip [nocombat] Stealth; Vanish
/cast [nocombat] Stealth; Vanish

This is a fun one – if you have combo points on your target, it’ll use Deadly Throw; otherwise, it’ll just use Throw. It saves me from having one extra key, which is cool.#showtooltip Deadly Throw
/cast Deadly Throw
/cast Throw

And now for the DPS burn button – it burns Blade Flurry and my AP trinket. I’ve toyed with the idea to adding Adrenaline Rush to this, but I haven’t been able to decide whether or not I want to. I’ll probably end up doing that.#showtooltip Blade Flurry
/cast Blade Flurry
/use Terokkar Tablet of Precision

And, finally, the sweetest macro of all. I created a Warrior named Thetodd to hold the name for my Death Knight – once Wrath of the Lich King comes out, there will be a /highfive macro. All my Death Knight’s hotkeys will be set up as a macro like this:#showtooltip Kick
/cast Kick
/emote high-fives %T!
/say Kick five!
/emote snaps.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say about that for now. I’ll post some more sweet macros when I come up with them ;)

EDIT: Here’s one last one – saves you a bunch of searching through bags (or a bunch of hotbar space) for items you need to use during dailies. And it allows you to pseudo-track the “Arm the Wards!” quest in Isle of Quel’Danas:#show Mana Remnants
/use Attuned Crystal Cores
/use Shattered Sun Banner
/use Astromancer's Crystal
/use Mana Remnants
/use Fel Siphon
/use Multiphase Spectrographic Goggles
/use Razorthorn Flayer Gland
/use Fel Siphon
/use Orb of Murloc Control

Totally sweet~

Well, I finally hit level 70 in WoW a week or so ago. The Midsummer Festival is what leveled me – I was about halfway to 70 and I was just tired of Shadowmoon. But, as it turns out, each friendly fire that you worship is worth about 6200XP at 69, and each enemy fire that you desecrate is worth twice that.

So I did a bunch of those, until I was about 2800XP from 70. That’s when I realized I was ~800 honor and one Eye of the Storm Mark of Honor away from getting my Season 2 swords. So I decided to do a few EotS BGs, got my honor and some marks, bought my swords, then went and leveled.

As of right now I’m still working on my leftover non-daily quests, and doing some dailies peppered throughout. I just now started doing the Isle of Quel’Danas stuff, which is pretty fun. It seems, however, as though there’s just less of a goal now that I am 70. Getting my swords before leveling was cool, and obviously (being a Rogue) I’m going to be a PvP character, so I’ve been doing a decent amount of BGs. Next on my list is the Medallion of the Horde.