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The Acura

I’m currently driving a nighthawk black pearl 2002 Acura RSX Type-S. I replaced my silver (and gray, and black) 1991 Nissan Sentra XE with it on November 25, 2008 – two days before Thanksgiving, on a Tuesday.

It’s a pretty sweet ride. Handles like a dream, front wheel drive with ridiculously wide tires – at least, ridiculously wide as far as street wheels go. Six-speed standard with 4.389 final drive ratio, Honda K20A2 2.0L I4 engine putting out 201hp and 146lb•ft at the crank – and it’s even rated at 28/21mpg highway/city, respectively.

The Current Mods

Performance (dyno charts)
  • Blackout headlights
  • Carbon fiber hood
  • 20090714: Pioneer stereo w/ Terminator amp and subs
  • 20090830: Vacuum/Boost gauge
  • 20100102: Red LED dome light; white LED map lights
  • 20100105: Black DC5 floor mats

The Planned Mods

  • Fix the battery draw – resolved when stock head unit/amplifier were removed
  • Replace hydraulic pistons in trunk
  • Replace driver’s side fog light lens
  • Replace passenger side front fenderwell
  • Cold air intakepurchased 20090421; installed 20090510
  • Intake manifold + throttle body gasket/spacer
  • Intake manifold gasket
  • Motor mounts
  • Race header + high-flow catback exhaust
  • K-Pro ECU replacement
  • Turbo or supercharger
  • Type-R wing
  • Replace/reclear hood
  • HID headlights/fog lights
  • Vacuum gaugeinstalled 20090830
  • A-pillar Gauge Pod
    • Air:fuel ratio gauge
    • Oil pressure gauge
    • Battery voltage gauge

The Statistics

  • Peak Torque: 122.4lb•ft wtq
  • Power: 168.7whp
  • Top fuel economy: 45.606mpg (65.9mi on 1.445gal; 93AKI; $2.699 /gal)

The Posts

The Gallery

2002 Acura RSX - my new car~

From the side

Acura 2

Also from the side, but a little back

Acura 3

From behind

Acura 4

The dashboard gauge cluster

Acura 5

The head unit

Acura 6

The gearshift – and a sweet bottle of water

Acura 7

Passenger side door, showing that sweet neon trim

Acura 8

The back seat and rear window

Me being an asshole and taking up five parking spots...was aiming for six

Me being an asshole and taking up five parking spots…was aiming for six

New head unit

New Alpine head unit, with Terminator amp/subs in the back

Vacuum gauge

Replaced driver side center air vent with a vacuum/boost gauge


The Dynos

Stock versus Injen cold air intake

Stock versus Injen cold air intake

The Brands I Trust

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